Internship experience at ableneo

Hi, I’m Jozef Olejnik and this is my internship experience at ableneo.

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First of all, my interview and the whole onboarding process was handled online, due to COVID-19 restrictions. I was a bit afraid about delays and communication problems, but it was actually really smooth. The HR provided me with all the necessary information to get started on day 1, and I was actually able to join my team pretty quickly.

Relationship and attitude

It was a nice surprise for me that from the very beginning, everyone had a really positive attitude towards me and was willing to lend a hand if I needed help or didn’t know something. I’ve never felt like I was bothering someone, which helped me accommodate and just feel good about the surrounding environment.

Agile Drive and Technology

What I really appreciate is the fact, that the company is dedicated to work with technology and processes using agile methodologies.

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After a couple of days, I’ve realized that ableneo is a company that really lives the agile values every day. People here are mostly engineers who do frontend, backend, data science, devops and actively work on different projects for several clients. I really admire how they represent almost every IT domain. It’s also really fascinating how they are flexible to change. Because of that, I think you will never get bored.

ableneo values & people

The first thing that thrilled me was that my team consisted of young and very active people. We shared a similar attitude and energy, which was great. Openness is something very valuable to me and ableneo really dominates this domain. It has a flat structure with space for constructive criticism or ideation. I have never been told to do something without a space for feedback.

It might sound a bit corny, but If I had to choose a company where openness, willingness, acceptability is the key I would go with #ableneo again. Everyone makes mistakes, but at ableneo I can feel like I’ve been given a space for that. I don’t feel judged but actually empowered to learn from my mistakes, do a good job, and improve myself. This is really important for me and I think many people are also looking for a place that will empower them instead of being diminishing.

All the people at ableneo that I had the opportunity to meet had a common characteristic, which I would describe as — humane and friendly to each other. What was very valuable and rare for me is that people didn’t put themselves over the others, even though they might have had a more important role in the company. They appreciated my opinions, my beliefs and even though I am just an intern, they worked with me from day one.

Another thing I’ve noticed is that you can chat with literally everyone, by that I mean that, you can easily talk to an accountant, HR, or to other people on various positions, so you don’t only talk with programmers whole day. This is great because I could learn something new not only from the IT field but also in economics, accounting, marketing etc. When the office reopened after restrictions, we would go for lunch break together which is always a great way to socialize.

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Office? Yoga? Sunset sessions?

ableneo pays attention to take care of its employees and connect them together. That makes your work something more.

The Bratislava office is modern and very stylish. I really appreciate an excellent air conditioning system during summer :) I also have an easy time going to the office, since it is located in the center of the city.

I really liked the morning yoga sessions which are offered to the employees. We all know how beneficial it can be for the body but also the mind. I had an opportunity to try it for the first time and don’t regret it.

It has charged me with energy and it’s definitely good to stretch your body, relax muscles and meditate before a whole day in a chair :) If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it.

Photo by Carl Barcelo on Unsplash

But what’s best about the office? It’s undoubtedly the terrace. You can go out, breathe in the fresh air, look at the panorama of the city at any time… Or you can take your laptop and work from there.

In the summer evenings there are also sunset sessions where you can learn something new about the people at ableneo, but mainly chat informally with your colleagues, strengthen your relationships, so that your job is not “just job”, but makes you feel better and part of a bigger community.

We all know that if we have great colleagues, we go to work with a much better attitude rather than somewhere where we don’t feel good. I had an opportunity to attend sunset sessions and yoga and it was a really nice experience.

Sunset session Vol. 2


I am really happy about my #internship at ableneo. It gave me a comprehensive experience of what IT looks like in the real world. I’m grateful for my personal growth, for advice from professionals, new valuable contacts, and for meeting new people with the same values. During my time here, people motivated me and made me continuously study something new.

Perhaps, it is a bit cliché that I only mention good things about ableneo, but I’ve really struggled to come up with any negatives.

Great support, willingness, and motivation from people, professionalism, quick and agile decision-making process — those are the values that I’ve experienced here, and that I look up to.

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It was my first IT work #experience and it definitely gave me a lot, be it contacts, new information, a chance to look at how things work in the real world. Thank you ableneo for a nice experience and your rich knowledge. If anyone hesitates to join ableneo as an intern or employee, hesitate no more!


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