about us

our mission is to empower organizations in adopting complex changes related to people, process, and technology. We are a team of engineers, architects, data scientists, scrum masters and agile coaches focusing on one ultimate goal - help you innovate

we are the innovation enablers

We believe that innovation is not only a question of creativity, but it is the implementation and focus on business benefits that make the change a successful story at the end. That’s the reason ableneo is combining engineering, transformation and business competence in order to have a new, holistic approach to an organisational change. While working with any organisation, we respect the living systems principles. It helps us optimize any innovation in terms of technology and align people involved to support the change. We call our approach innovation enabling.

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enabling people, adapting process, implementing technology

We see innovation as a complex process, mostly connected to an emerging technology, but also requiring an adaptation or change of company’s processes and on top of that understanding and involving the key asset of every company their people.
That’s why ableneo is strategically focusing on building competences in all three areas people, processes and technologies and approach each change as a synergy of these elements.


commitment to agile and open source

We see any innovation as an exploratory process, so we are using experiments and early customer feedback as much as possible. We approach any change, project, or innovation with our own disciplined process based on SCRUM focusing on maximum efficiency and business value generation. We believe, that open source strategy is the best accelerator for innovation. ableneo is strategically focusing on enterprise open source products and frameworks and partnering with the leading open source vendors offering enterprise ready solutions suitable for any mission critical use-cases.

facts & numbers

years of experience 5

With adoption of complex organizational change. ableneo was spinned-off from mimacom group as separate brand in 2018.

countries 3

Where ableneo enables innovation in customer projects, another 2 in pipeline.

innovation enablers
in our team 40

Consisting of software architects, engineers, scrum masters and coaches.

business growth
in 2017 135%

ableneo strategically focuses on building key competences committed to maximum efficiency and delivering business value.