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Lessons Learned from Liferay Healthchecks: The need for SME

With years of experience in portal consultations and all-round analysis using our Liferay Healthcheck service, we’ve collected a number of important observations and identified some (anti-)patterns that repeat over many Liferay implementations. This article is one from a series uncovering the les...

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From G’day mate to Dobrý Deň to Grüß Gott

So, I’m not from Europe. Basically, I’m from the land down under, full of snakes, spiders, sharks, jellyfish, etc. No, I do not look like Chris Hemsworth. Yes, I know where he lives. Yes, I do know people who know him. No, I can’t arrange a date with him. Anyway… While the reasoning behind...

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5 lessons learned from managing a scale-up remotely - Part 2 - “when good become great and bad…

5 lessons learned from managing a scale-up remotely — Part 2 — “when good become great and bad become critical” In my previous blog post, I’ve explained the motivation behind my decision to manage ableneo remotely. In this part, I’d like to share with you the first lesson I’v...

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5 lessons learned from managing a scale-up remotely - Part 1 - “why”

5 lessons learned from managing a scale-up remotely — Part 1 — “why” It’s August 2020 and Google Trends reports, that the term “remote work” has one of the fastest growth rates since the beginning of the pandemic. As a famous joke says, the pandemic and social distancing have ...

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Internship experience at ableneo

Hi, I’m Jozef Olejnik and this is my internship experience at ableneo. #ableneo #ableneoculture #internship #experience #co-workers Onboarding First of all, my interview and the whole onboarding process was handled online, due to COVID-19 restrictions. I was a bit afraid about delays and communi...

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Software Craftsmanship

Write Code as Uncle Bob or Die as a Public Servant Continue reading on ableneo Technology »

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Figma is your best friend.

I am a frontend developer, currently working on project with fifteen more colleagues. The application, that we work on is pretty big and it grows every single day. However we don’t have a team of UI/UX designers available on demand. This is not a complaint. We don’t need them. And I believe tha...

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From ableneo to Sydney and back

From ableneo to Sydney and back 🇦🇺 Why have I returned?! I have been working with ableneo since it’s very beginning in 2017. After a year in a project, a great year that thanks to ableneo made me from complete junior developer to a professional one, I decided to bring my other passion ...

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Typing of React hooks in Typescript

Hooks are now the better option to do effects in react. Using hooks with typescript can be complicated at first let’s dive in. Continue reading on ableneo Technology »

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How does it feel to join a team without meeting anyone in person ?

How does it feel to join a team without meeting anyone in person ? One of our freshly onboarded members, Michal Somorovsky, tells the tale. Interviews ,,You will try a lot of different apps for online meetings (Teams, Skype, Zoom). You can be prepared better in the comfort of your own home. “...

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Strategic planning and organisation structure in an ever-changing reality - part #2

Strategic planning and organisational structure in an ever-changing reality — part #2 In the first part of the series, I went through the ‘middle man’ position in modern companies, the importance of being a Field Expert, Servant Leadership and finally underlining how companies need Visio...

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Strategic planning and organisation structure in an ever-changing reality - part #1

Strategic planning and organisational structure in an ever-changing reality — part #1 Only those who adapt will survive It has been some time since I’ve heard these words, but they just keep coming back to me. The world is rapidly changing around us, and so do the systems and organisation...

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Javascript debugging in IntelliJ IDEA

Developing amazing user interfaces does not come without obstacles let’s learn how to investigate and to resolve them with ease. Continue reading on ableneo Technology »

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React setState does not immediately update the state

React hooks are now preferred for state management. Calling setState multiple times in one function can lead to unpredicted behavior read… Continue reading on ableneo Technology »

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Data-driven view on COVID-19 part #1

Italy has become the country with the highest rate of spreading COVID-19 disease. The number of infected people with coronavirus increases every day by 15%. It is predicted that the total number of infected people in Italy will surpass 100.000 by Thursday 26 March 2020. In this short study, I have...

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be able to work remote!

be able to work remotely! turn the risk into a chance Recent events bring uncertainty and probable impacts in various areas, which no- one can accurately predict right now. The connected risks are notto be underestimated, but the current situation offers also many chances. A chance for human and ...

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Remote Working Readiness

Photo by BRUNO CERVERA on UnsplashIt’s 8 am, your alarm is shouting and trying to wake you up for the fifth time. You are fighting but the alarm has an ally, an SMS notification: “Warning !!! Coronavirus: If you came from abroad, adhere to the mandatory 14-day quarantine! Failure to comply wi...

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ableneo listed in FT 1000 - Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020

ableneo listed in FT 1000 — Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020 Bratislava, Slovakia, 03.03.2020 — The special report “FT 1000 — Europe’s Fastest Growing Companies 2020” by the Financial Times and Statista has been released this afternoon and can be viewed here: https:...

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Science behind Agile: Part 2

The science behind Agile: Part 2 Hi, this is Jan from and this is the second part to our series about systems we live (and develop products) in. Without further ado, let´s get started. Today we look at machine and living systems and we touch the topic of systemics. In the end, we fore...

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ableneo selected to exhibit at 2020 Startup Grind Global Conference in Silicon Valley

Bratislava, Slovakia, 21.1.2020 — ableneo has been selected by Startup Grind, powered by Google for Startups, for the Startup Exhibition in the Grind category at the 2020 Startup Grind Global Conference held on February 11 and 12 in Silicon Valley. Expanding “change as a service” to the ...

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Pitch your Sprint increment to your Sponsor. Or go home.

Imagine you and your Scrum Team will fight for existence every Sprint. The crucial moment is presenting your work — Scrum increment — to your business sponsor. If you won’t impress, you go home. Would that change how or what you do now? Chances are, this might even be a real situatio...

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Elastic certified engineer exam

Elastic Certified Engineer exam Since mid-2018, there is possibility to become Elastic Certified, which is the official way to show the world you are an Elasticsearch expert.I have recently gone through the exam and this post is about my preparation process and what to expect of the actual exam. ...

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Science behind Agile: Part 1

Hi, this is Jan from and this is the opening post to a series about systems that we live in. You shall learn a basic understanding of Systems Thinking.You might have heard of it. We will talk about it.Also, you shall get information about Systemics.It is less likely you heard of that o...

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Attending unconference? Come prepared!

Next agile unconference for Czech & Slovak agile practitioners is just around the corner. Having its own specifics, it is best to come well prepared for this type of event. Otherwise, you risk your expectations won’t be met. But is there a way to exceed them instead? Unconference, in short, is a...

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Master React with Typescript and Unit Tests

Photo by freddie marriage on UnsplashMost of the React components in our projects should be simple, reusable, testable and well-typed. Design components with well-defined properties that are easy to read and understand. Enhance your developer productivity and experience. Use and promote relevant R...

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This spring, while browsing my LinkedIn feed, I found a call for speakers from for Regional Scrum Gathering 2019, an official event of Scrum Alliance. At ableneo, we have a lot to say when it comes to processes, technology and people, but will it be interesting for the peoples in...

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Best practices for Javascript projects

Planning with development strategy is lowering the probability of delays or project failures. Examine some of the best practices that can help you deliver solid code with reduced effort and maintenance costs. Know the language The latest Javascript specification introduced useful syntax. It is rec...

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Lessons learned from measuring 32 Sprints

Staying with one team as a Scrum Master for a longer period of time gives you an advantage — you can observe, measure and analyze a broad range of metrics and make improvements. Measuring 32 Sprint during 24 monthsYet, even the most carefully chosen metrics may run flat or the best thought i...

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Best practices for Logstash

Most of us, working with elastic stack has come to the point where we have to make optimizations in a matter of getting better indexing throughput or lower query response time. The Elastic stack is quite easy to set up and get running. On the other hand, it is a pretty complex science to get the m...

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Agile? We‘re Playing The Premier League

How we got visited by a founder of the Agile Manifesto — Arie van Bennekum The whole world is talking about Agile and every day blogs and social media are flooded by a never-ending stream of new articles about how to become agile. It has a catch, though: Quality gets easily lost in this maze...

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My takeaways from ng-conf 2019

I had the opportunity to attend this years ng-conf which took place on the 1st-3rd of May in Salt Lake City. How was it? Was it worth ~20 hours of traveling there and back from Central Europe? What a silly question, of course, it was. 😄 Three days full of talks from top-level speakers, there ...

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People in Agile: Zabudnite na to, čo viete o HR

Agilné HR alebo ako vykročiť z komfortnej zónyTento blog sa oplatí začať krátkym výletom do histórie, aby sme si zodpovedali otázku: Ako sa vôbec agilita dostala od IT k (personálnemu) manažmentu? Keď v roku 2001 vznikol Agilný manifest, týkal sa výlučne vývoja softvéru v IT t...

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How to pass data between routed components in Angular

Pass data between two unrelated components in Angular Continue reading on ableneo Technology »

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⚛️ Focused Styling in React and refactoring of Mobx

Are you using React on the project with an external theme? Read more theming of for React, some hints for mobx without decorators and more. This article is for anyone who is working with React is planning to start working with React in the near future likes practical examples ❤️ uses Mobx...

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How to use the hygen code generator

How to use the Hygen code generator There are platforms that list thousands of generators namely yeoman but often you will need something simple and custom. The alternative is to use Hygen for generating custom project sections. Hygen is using javascript for prompt and EJS for templating but is ful...

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Improve your Javascript Developer Experience by generating code

No one wants to spend time creating boilerplate. Generating repeating code patterns can speed up development tremendously. What are the options? Read more to find out. Choosing a generator and creating templates is an investment. Larger teams can experience faster development time and an increase ...

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Compact and Transferable dockerized environment for Data Scientists

Create compact and transferable dockerized environment for Data Scientists Photo by frank mckenna on UnsplashWorld’s leading research and advisory companies like Gartner¹ are predicting upcoming trends for data and analytics markets. According to Gartner¹ the number one trend is Augmented Anal...

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Upgrading to Liferay DXP part #2 - working with modules UpgradeSteps

Upgrading to Liferay DXP part #2 — working with modules UpgradeSteps This blog post is a continuation of Liferay DXP upgrade series. So you are upgrading a former 6.2/dxp database to Liferay DXP, and the process fails on some specific module UpgradeStep? Sounds familiar to you? So let’s lo...

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Upgrading to Liferay DXP part #1 - portletIds

Upgrading to Liferay DXP part #1— portletIds This blog post is part of the Liferay DXP upgrade series. Are you working on an upgrade project from Liferay 6.2 to Liferay DXP? Then, it is very likely, that you will have to deal with this specific use case: How to replace old portletIds that use...

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What can Scrum Masters teach Product Owners and other Scrum Masters?

Hello agile practitioners! I hope you have a chance to observer how are Scrum Masters bringing lots of value when are active and engaged in their organizations. Let me share with you two ways how they may be useful to Product Owners and their fellow Scrum Masters too. Photo by Ian Schneider on Un...

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Example of a component with styled components in defaultProps

Theming guidelines — Part 6 —React defaultProps Example The previous article was about explaining why you should use components in defaultProps, now we try to create one as an example. Improve how you style React apps —  Use components in defaultProps Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsp...

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Improve how you style React apps -  Use components in defaultProps

Improve how you style and compose React apps — Use components in defaultProps Theming guidelines — Part 5 — How to solve the problem with components with a large number of props I want to introduce you a technique called components in defaultProps. This technique will allow you t...

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State of Agile Community - do Scrum Masters have the right competencies?

On 13th June we’ve attended the biggest agile community event in Slovak & Czech Republic — Agile Open Space as a general partner. More than 100 Scrum Masters and Agile Coaches from Central and Eastern Europe had the chance to exchange knowledge and experience from their agile transformation...

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