innovation enabling

technology is the enabler for digital transformation
open source is the enabler for innovation


we change views on organizational change

Did you, or your organization ever have a great idea, or an innovation you wanted to adopt, but you somehow failed?
We believe, that there is a general problem in the way, organizational change is approached nowadays. 

how do most organizations approach change?

  • non-living system
  • resources
  • structure
  • manipulation

how do we see organizations?

  • living system
  • human
  • relationship
  • motivation

We made the same mistake multiple times and that’s why we have developed our own concept, which helps organizations and individuals to adopt change in a way, that brings measurable results and impacts. We call it innovation enabling and it enables us and our customers to adopt complex changes in the fields of technology, processes and people.


5 phases

Innovation enabling combines engineering competence with living systems theory, which are applied together to achieve business goals. It consists of 5 phases combining living systems principles, engineering practices and communication techniques.