change as a service. With our consulting services we help organizations evaluate their vision, execute experiments, improve, tune and scale the change within the organization and transition to a new operational model

technology consulting

The right architecture design and technology choice are the base for any digital transformation project. Engineering alongside change management is ableneo’s strategical competence, offered also as a service.

ableneo provides a wide range of consulting services related to technology:

modern user interfaces

services offered

  • review
  • architecture
  • development
  • migration from server-side applications

& product

  • angular
  • react
  • typescript
  • webpack

application architecture

services offered

  • readiness/ review
  • design & architecture
  • development
  • migration from monolithic applications

& product

  • java
  • spring boot
  • microservices architecture

digital experience platforms

services offered

  • dxp readiness
  • performance tuning
  • design & architecture
  • development

& product

  • liferay dxp

& devops

services offered

  • creating continuous integration & continuous delivery pipelines
  • setup of agile development toolkit

& product

  • open stack
  • docker
  • atlassian stack

cloud systems
& technologies

services offered

  • enabling on-premise to cloud migration
  • development of cloud native applications

& product

  • aws
  • cloud foundry
  • kubernetes
  • spring cloud

more information about our technological stack

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agile organization

be able to change

Ability to adapt to a customer and market behaviour change is a crucial competence for any enterprise. Agile principles and values are not only applied to software development, but used for organizational leadership as well.

5 phases of building an agile organization:

ideation phase 1

is focusing on understanding the current organisation state and defining the WHY for building an agile organization

our enabling services:

  • impulse workshops
  • agile readiness assessment

validation phase 2

has the goal to clearly define business value and minimal detectable change for the organisation

our enabling services:

  • business value and value stream definition
  • defining the organisational minimal
  • experiment / mvp planning & definition

experimental phase 3

is designed to test and evaluate the new way of working in a specific part of the organization, with a defined team, goals and timeframe

our enabling services:

  • coaching & mentoring for the pilot team
  • scrum mastering
    & shadowing of the team members

phase 4

follows an experiment phase with the goal to adopt the verified practices and value within the organization

our enabling services:

  • transition to new operational models 
  • adoption of scaled agile frameworks

continuous improvement 5

in this phase, the new operational model and structure is adopted and introduced into the day to day operation

our enabling services:

  • trainings and mentoring
  • review & consulting 

case study

Enabling Agile transformation for UNION Insurance

Learn how we enabled UNION Insurance to reduce the time-to-market from average 12 month to 3 months using agile approach.

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data engineering
& data science

ableneo is offering data science competence as combination of three key competencies (business understanding, engineering, analysis / data mining). We see data science as an exploratory process. We offer our data science consulting services to help you navigate it:

mining 1 data


  • exploratory analysis
  • feature selection
  • hypothesis testing


  • transformation from raw data to insights

engineering 2 data


  • feature engineering
  • data pipelines



  • deriving insights from data into new features

modeling 3 data


  • statistics and machine learning
  • deep learning
  • training and tuning


  • creating AI to generate result with business potential

evaluation 4 data


  • evaluation metrics
  • inference
  • business evaluation


  • suggest applications of results to potential business cases