ableneo backend stream radar update Q4 (2023)

Improvements in libraries and tools are happening constantly, and it seems impossible to follow all changes. So here, in ableneo, we encourage our developers to regularly discuss what libraries they are using/why should some of them start/stop using them.

DevOps in focus

Docker covers all parts of the software development life cycle in most projects. From development to build, and finally in running production deployments, Docker’s containerization technology is integral to our processes. This adoption across various stages ensures consistency, enhances efficiency, and significantly reduces the complexities associated with deployment. Docker’s versatility and reliability in handling these diverse stages reinforce its indispensable status in our technological framework, aligning perfectly with our commitment to delivering efficient and robust software solutions.

Similarly, Kubernetes, known for automating deployment, scaling, and managing containerized applications, has progressed from TRIAL to ADOPT. This advancement shows our growing confidence in Kubernetes for enhancing our services' scalability, resilience, and operational efficiency, aligning with industry trends toward robust orchestration capabilities.

Lastly, Helm Charts, used for managing Kubernetes applications, has moved from TRIAL to ADOPT. This shift indicates our heightened reliance on Helm Charts for efficient deployment and configuration management, supporting our commitment to tools that enhance efficiency and manageability.

Concluding our DevOps technology stack update, we’ve also made notable progress with the inclusion of generative AI to bolster our DevOps capabilities. GitHub Copilot, an AI-powered code assistant, moved from ‘ASSESS’ to ‘TRIAL’, marking a significant step in our exploration of AI-enhanced coding. This tool is poised to revolutionize how we approach coding challenges, offering real-time code suggestions and enabling faster development cycles. By integrating GitHub Copilot into our workflow, we aim to enhance our ability to deliver customer changes effectively, especially in Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm Charts.
However, while we recognize the immense potential of GitHub Copilot in streamlining our software development processes, we also understand the importance of conducting a thorough legal review before fully implementing this tool. This is to ensure that all code generated aligns with legal and compliance standards, maintaining the integrity and security of our solutions. This careful approach underlines our commitment to adopting cutting-edge technologies and ensuring they are used responsibly and ethically, in line with our overarching goal of delivering high-quality, reliable software solutions to our clients.

Backend stream radar update Q4

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