How will Chat GPT transform the corporate world?

I still belong to the younger generation, and I experienced the advent of Windows PCs back in elementary school. The internet caught up with me during high school, and I’m happy that the AI and LLM revolution has embraced me during my working hours.

Increasing productivity is the driving force behind economic growth. Where dozens of workers used to toil along production lines in the past, now only a few individuals remain, overseeing precisely functioning machines.

In recent months, I’ve encountered several clients, and from conversations with them, it’s evident that a similar fate awaits the headquarters of all companies today. Where back office departments and call centers are currently bustling with people, a significant optimization and efficiency increase is on the horizon thanks to Large Language Models (LLMs). What happened in manufacturing will repeat itself in the coming years in sectors such as telecommunications, banking, and hopefully even government administration. Lean Six Sigma and other process methodologies encountered their limits when they lacked a tool to replace real work that needed to be carried out. Today, these processes can be rebooted and gradually involve new virtual assistants. It won’t take long before one of the growing LLM systems responds instead of a human operator. (actually it is already here)

Companies that don’t proactively delve into this area might lose a substantial competitive advantage. As a result, they will eventually have to compete against companies that have enhanced their productivity through AI. These smart companies will not only achieve cost savings but will also enable their employees to focus on value-added activities, such as creative and strategic tasks. If companies don’t leverage the benefits brought by modern technology, they risk lagging behind in both competition and self-competitiveness. Therefore, it’s crucial for companies to actively engage in the development and utilization of these innovations, placing themselves at the forefront of digital transformation, similar to what the banking sector did 12 years ago with the advent of digitization and the mobile era.

In our context, we have embarked on experiments to train and educate these models on internal know-how data, unlocking the power of LLM systems like Chat GPT for a wide spectrum of companies. If you’re interested, we’d be glad to show you a demo with banking, telco and e-commerce data, allowing you to practically experience these possibilities and their potency.

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