be able to work remote!

be able to work remotely!

turn the risk into a chance

Recent events bring uncertainty and probable impacts in various areas, which no- one can accurately predict right now. The connected risks are not
to be underestimated, but the current situation offers also many chances.

A chance for human and organizations to adapt and improve. A chance to learn how to better respond to change. A chance to improve the strategic capabilities of a truly digital organization.

Are you able to turn this chance into an opportunity for change?

coronavirus as a catalyst to grow further the digital capabilities of your organization

Work in distributed teams, visual management, efficient communication and the structured approach to complex projects and tasks are capabilities, which in the era of coronavirus are not only a question of organizational maturity, but becomes a question of business continuity.

Remote work is a standard already for IT teams, but for most non-IT teams and employees this change of working modus is still a challenge to overcome.

enabling remote work

We see lot of teams struggling with the change to remote work, especially departments responsible for diverse operations areas, and also vital functions of organizations. As innovation enablers we see this situation as a chance to adapt and improve and we want to enable your remote teams and employees!

Use task management tools and log all your time. It helps you plan and structure your work but also it’s important to be transparent when working remotely
Remote mindset tip #1

We see 3 key aspects for running a successful distributed team:

  • the mindset to better understand the benefits and risks of remote work and build the right working habits for remote work
  • the work structure & organisation which helps to better plan, organise, structure and communicate while working in a remote modus
  • the working toolkit by leveraging existing technical solutions, or introducing new tools in organisations and using them in an effective way
Maximise communication via Teams/Slack/Hangouts and minimalize emails in your team
Remote mindset tip #2

be able to work remotely!

So how do you become a successful distributed team and master remote working? We can enable your remote work capabilities in 3 simple steps :

  • Assessment of your daily business, with the focus to understand the specifics of your daily work including your business cases, work structure, communication and interaction needs
  • Design of your remote work process & tools, respecting your daily work specifics and leveraging from the best practices used for distributed teams
  • Implementation & Support, including the training and mentoring for the remote mindset, setup and roll-out of the work structure and continuous help during the adoption phase of the new working modus
Use the Pomodoro technique — combine focused work with regular breaks
Remote mindset tip #3

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