David Jelinek joins ableneo as Board Advisor to accelerate growth in the US market

David Jelinek joins ableneo as Board Advisor to accelerate growth in the US market. This next chapter is a natural continuation of David’s experience building, scaling, and integrating high-performing near-shore product + engineering teams for growth companies.

David Jelinek, Board Advisory Member ableneo USA

As a Chicago native, David’s broad capabilities have enabled him to work side by side with entrepreneurs and executive teams to build digital products with the support of Slovakian technical talent.

“We are thrilled to have David’s experience available to our Clients and leading our growth in the US”. Jan Gregor, Founder and CEO of ableneo.

Many companies depend on technology to operate and continue to be plagued with labor pressures. Whether quality or cost — engineering, cloud, data, and DevOps capacity remains in high demand. The pandemic pushed globalization to a whole new level, forcing teams to find a way to maintain efficiency while being entirely remote. This catalyst now provides many businesses an opportunity to introduce hybrid technology teams with very few risks.

For 12+ years, David has leveraged best-in-class Slovakian engineering talent to support US companies. Through those relationships, he scaled his team to 130 and sold to a now public company.

“Hybrid models across multiple timezones can be intimidating, but with the right operational best practices, both engineering and product teams have come to embrace the near 24-hour development cycle.” David reflects.

“Communication, contextual understanding, and discipline on both sides is required to create success. Working with a Team who has done that at scale changes the game and removes the guesswork.”

The US market is an exciting market for ableneo to expand into as it builds upon its early success. “ableneo’s approach is slightly different in that we combine business strategy and process change with product and engineering. We believe this is a compelling value prop and differentiates us from the typical off-shore engineering body shop”, Jan Gregor says. ableneo — accelerating innovation!

“ableneo has delivered countless times, under pressure, and with such grace. I cannot be more excited about partnering with this amazing team!” — David Jelinek.

ableneo is a business and technology consultancy with 50+ team members operating in Slovakia, Austrian, the Czech Republic, and the United States. Ableneo supports high-growth businesses that look for capabilities in CX/UX, Product, Cloud, DevOps, and Data. Its proven “innovation enabling” framework has delivered value for hundreds of companies and has created competitive differentiation through accelerating go-to-market.

David Jelinek, Board Advisory Member ableneo USA

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