change as a product. We create new software solutions or transform existing ones to a modern technology stack as turnkey projects. Using agile approach, we make sure that you get the best value for money. Using open source components as technical basis we ensure, that all your individual requirements will be easily implemented

delivery model

We believe, that agile is the best way of delivering complex software solutions. On the other hand we respect the limitations of some organizations and offer multiple delivery models for organizations with various agile maturity level.

agile maturity required

agile delivery low


In this scenario, solution specification and product backlog will be created upfront the implementation phase. The created specification will be used to estimate fix-price offer and ableneo's commitment. Changes introduced during the project will be managed using agreed change management process. Implementation phase of the project will be done using incremental & iterative approach with stabilization iterations at the end of the project.


This approach is not leveraging full potential of agile approach by limiting its application only to the development phase. Even though, organizations allowing “upfront specification” only modus can still benefit from this approach, especially because of early feedback and change / problem escalation.

sprint contract medium


In this scenario, solution specification and product backlog are not done upfront for whole solution, but created separately for each sprint. Each product increment is timeboxed in certain sprint and offered separately as fix-price delivery. Effort required for requirements engineering can be offered separately on time & material basis or can be included in each product increment’s offer.



ableneo is recommending this kind of cooperation as reasonable compromise between upfront specification model and full agile approach enabling both parties to partially leverage agile principles and manage possible risks.

design to cost high


At the beginning of the project, the product business value, high-level backlog and required costs are fixed. During the project, Product Owner, Scrum Master and the team are constantly re-evaluating the product backlog with the focus on maximizing project value. After achieving required value, project can be released earlier and open budget can be used for development of another features.



This is ableneo's preferred cooperation model, as it is maximizing the value generated within a fixed budget. Even though it requires an organization with high maturity of agile approach and cooperation built on trust and transparency.

multichannel applications

one application, multiple channels

Individual requirements need individual approach. With multichannel applications, we offer end-to-end delivery of specific solutions for multiple channels. From agile requirements engineering through prototyping and delivery to transition and support phase.

We are using modern Javascript frameworks to create responsive and fast frontends and microservices architecture to provide modularity and scalability. For more information regarding our technological stack, check this page.

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ableneo delivers
following applications
individual web applications
cloud native applications
responsive mobile applications
native mobile applications

data solutions

transforming data into value

Data is considered the new gold, but most of the organizations can’t get significant value from their data and use its full potential. The path to real data monetization consist of multiple steps. ableneo offers solutions and services in three stages based on customer’s data maturity:

transformation 1 data

1 Data Transformation & aggregation is the first stage on a data monetization journey towards having all data in one place, in a unified format and delivered fast, so it can be visualized and processed further.

our data transformation solutions:

  • real-time data streaming
  • log management
  • data lakes & pipelines
  • enterprise & application search

visualization 2 data

2 Data Visualization is the next step allowing customers to visualize, browse and search their data with the goal to extract information.

our data visualization solutions:

  • data visualization, dashboards and metrics
  • real-time transaction monitoring & alerting
  • add

monetization 3 data

3 Data Monetization is the ultimate goal of any data processing. Data science algorithms and artificial intelligence can be applied in order to leverage the value of the data.

our data monetization solutions:

  • prediction solutions
  • predictive maintenance solutions
  • analysis solutions
  • anomalies detection solutions
  • fraud detection solutions
Data assesment

enterprise open source data stack

ableneo is partnering with the leading enterprise open source vendors in the fields of data engineering and data science as elastic and Confluent and uses enterprise-ready open source technological data stack components. For more information about our technological stack, check this page.

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digital experience platforms & portals

multiple channels, single experience

Digital Experience Platform (DXP) is an emerging category of enterprise software supporting the needs of companies throughout their digital transformation, with the ultimate goal of providing a better customer experience.

content delivery platform

Coordinate content, customer data and core services to drive reuse and quality.

extensible application development

Manage code and extensions for maximum reuse while avoiding over-customization.

analytics & insights

Unify marketing, commerce and service processes to improve practitioner workflows.

common user experience

Deliver contextually and share targeting rules to unify the “glass.”

OSGI Architecture
unified customer view
front-end code sharing
enterprise search
open source components
multiple digital touchpoints
re-usable assets
analytics cloud
contextual delivery

open source portal and digital platform solution

ableneo is using Liferay`s open source portal and digital platform solution called Liferay DXP (Digital Experience Platform), which is recognized as a leader in the DXP Magic Quadrant  by Gartner. As a Gold Partner, ableneo offers diverse solutions based on the top of this platform such as:

personalized web platforms 1

for B2B and B2C segments providing a single view of the customer and engagement metrics

B2E / intranet platforms 2

focusing on the higher employee engagement and collaboration

modular enterprise application platforms 3

as a base for digital readiness

frontend integration platforms 4

for creating native mobile apps, mobile sites, websites and landing pages

liferay dxp readiness

see how liferay dxp can work for you

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case study

multi-vendor digital platform for MONETA Money Bank

Explore how we enabled MONETA Money Bank to launch their new digital platform and created a new multi-vendor ecosystem (built on Liferay and React Framework).

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