Agile @ ableneo monthly update — January 2024

Agile @ ableneo monthly update — January 2024

As the new year begins, do you find yourself setting reading resolutions or dedicating time to establish goals? If your answer is yes, I have a few valuable resources for you and your team to navigate the year ahead. Let’s explore together, and I’ll provide recommendations for insightful readings to guide you throughout the year or enhance your team’s (Sprint) goal-setting process.

Photo by Isaac Smith on Unsplash
  1. Suggested Reading for Professional Scrum Master™ — Endorsed by, this curated list extends beyond books, encompassing videos, lectures, and much more. If the books section leaves you wanting more, fear not — I’ve got you covered with 30 meticulously organized titles for Scrum Masters, addressing various facets of the role’s competencies. Alternatively, explore the Top 20 Books for Scrum Masters, each with a description highlighting why it’s a must-read. With many choices, if you’re still eager to expand your reading list with additional books and articles, here’s another valuable source of inspiration: Suggested Reading for Scrum Practitioners.
  2. Getting to Done: Creating Good Sprint Goals — Explore a highly-rated guide designed to kickstart and refine your practice of Sprint Goals, offering excellent, easy-to-follow, and actionable advice. Whether starting from scratch or looking to revive your approach to Sprint Goals, here’s a comprehensive guide: How to Write and Use a Sprint Goal (With 5 Templates). For a deeper dive, consider this longer guide that provides additional insights. If you’re seeking a structured approach to discuss this topic with your team, a helpful workshop template titled Improve How Your Scrum Team Uses Sprint Goals is available for just $5 and is well worth the investment.
  3. Using Neuroscience to Power Agile Working — Explore the scientific underpinnings of why Scrum and iterative development, in general, are effective with this recording from a recent webinar. It might seem a bit elementary, but it’s worth a shot to equip yourself with more ammunition for handling curious questions in a geekier fashion.

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