ableneo starts offering new level of efficiency in DevOps world

ableneo starts offering a new level of efficiency in the DevOps world thanks to a new partnership with CodeNOW

ableneo US, LLC, a strategic partner for technology and process enablement in the fast-growing scale-up customer segment, is entering into a new partnership with San Francisco based platform vendor CodeNOW, enhancing the cloud & DevOps offering for start-ups and scale-ups across the US.

We are observing significant growth in cloud subscriptions that don’t support sustainability, cost and resource management. This problem is present in large enterprises, but also in smaller environments made up of several teams. This motivated us to look for a simple and straightforward solution giving our customers (and ourselves) a reliable Value Stream Delivery Platform harmonizing rules, tools and process, and making all these transparent for all levels in the company — from a software engineer to a CEO.

We see a continuous trend of abstraction in software engineering, including the abstraction and automation of both frameworks and tools. Value stream delivery platforms play a significant role on this path and we believe that CodeNOW is the right enabler for teams that want to start with cloud native development in the right way, and need to focus on business value generation, says Jan Gregor, CEO of ableneo.

There are multiple solutions on the market offering Value Stream Delivery functionality. However, we recognized the potential and vision of the CodeNOW platform to be beyond the competition. The authentic story behind the platform was one of the key factors leading to our decision.

CodeNOW has been created as an evolution of daily software development work, based on needs and use cases from both enterprise and startup customers.
The platform covers all stages of the development and operations lifecycle within a self-service portal, creating an integrated and understandable value stream. And most importantly it is a solution built utilizing cloud native software engineers for a DevOps-based business world.

As a fast growing product, it can dynamically adopt to customers needs and we are able to influence priorities in its product development, making it an asset for our partnership, and most importantly for our customers.

The partnership with CodeNOW is a strategic step to make ableneo cloud & DevOps services faster, efficient and cost-effective.

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