Agile / PM @ ableneo monthly digest — April 2024

Agile / PM @ ableneo monthly digest — April 2024

We’re back with the digest after a short break! Great news: every digest from now on will feature three different topics: — 1. Interesting person — someone who should be on your radar and is worth following, 2. Book, blog or article — a reading suggestion offering novel, interesting, or useful content (often a combination of all three), and 3. Tool, technique or concept — something to try or at least evaluate for your daily work.

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash
  1. Lyssa Adkins — In the world of agile, coaches play a pivotal role in shaping of understanding of the subject for all of us. One of the most prominent agile coaches is Lyssa, celebrated for her profound knowledge not only of agile but also of several related topics. She integrates this expertise into a positive, actionable, and easy-to-follow program, offering advice, podcasts, blogs, and guides. Follow Lyssa Adkins on LinkedIn, Youtube or through her personal site Stay tuned for a mention of her amazing book in the next digest 😉
  2. Five Dysfunctions of a Team — A book from 2002 by Patrick Lencioni, has quickly become a classic in the field of team development and coaching. Lencioni’s presentation of the pyramid, with its five levels of behavior distinguishing high-performing teams from those struggling to function, offers the most approachable and actionable guide for working with teams.
  3. — If you’re in need of a tool to manage remote or hybrid retrospectives, consider Packed with features that make your life easier, including three free boards, a mobile interface, built-in timers, and voting capabilities, this tool is among the best for facilitating quick and simple retrospectives — with actions that you can easily follow up on.

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