Agile @ ableneo — August readings

Agile @ ableneo — August reading

Here at ableneo, part of our beach reading was related to agile topics. Here are 3 links that we find interesting and could be of use to you as well ;)

Photo by Link Hoang on Unsplash
  1. How to choose your Product Prioritization Framework — How to prioritize the Backlog is a small art. If our POs don’t have a technique in use, here are easy methods to get started with. And even if they are artists, maybe a few more tricks will get handy, especially with explanations of all the small details in which these methods set themselves apart. Great reading to get into PO’s shoes.
  2. Impact of Agile Quantified — 2013 edition — It is not very often that we hear about hard data from the trenches. Yet, it should be in our nature (and best interest) to promote data-driven decisions. After reading this report (nice graphs!), hopefully you we will be armed to teeth with some improvements. Also, we will most probably return to some specific facts later in the series.
  3. The 2020 Scrum Guide— This is a must-read, or rather re-read. I suggest putting a reminder every 3–6 months to study these few pages again, as they provide the absolute standard to any Scrum-like framework you might be operating under.

Any suggestions for back-to-school reading before we share our next picks?

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