PwC’s Former Director, Pavel Dvornak, joins ableneo as Head of Consulting

Pavel Dvornak has joined Ableneo as the Head of Consulting to drive growth in this area. This move represents a natural progression of Pavel’s extensive experience in helping companies grow, reduce costs, and manage post-merger acquisitions with the latest technology available.

With over 22 years of experience, Pavel has a track record of assisting companies in achieving their business goals. He has led transformation projects in multiple countries, including Belgium, Norway, Russia, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia. For the past 11 years, he has served as the head of the Operation Excellence team at PwC Slovakia. Pavel’s diverse skill set has allowed him to collaborate closely with CEOs and business owners, identify key success factors, and bring them to fruition.

“By combining business consulting with digital capabilities, we can help companies in achieving meaningful and human-centered goals with measurable results. Our holistic approach encompasses people, processes, and technology for comprehensive solutions” Pavel reflects.

Rapid shifts in the market, heightened competition, shortages of personnel, rapid wage increases, and supply chain disruptions are forcing companies to implement and manage change at an accelerated pace. These changes can yield even greater results when supported by robust technology elements.

Ableneo is helping customers adopt changes in various areas, whether it’s digital transformation, agile transformation of the entire company, a single team, or improving organizational efficiency in another way. Ableneo is a trustworthy partner that will guide you through every step of the process. From an initial idea at the C-level, to involving key stakeholders and implementing new processes and methods, Ableneo can handle it all.

Founded in Slovakia, Ableneo now operates in Czechia, Slovakia, Austria, and the US with the goal of further growth in the next five years. The international environment also presents an attractive opportunity for employees, with the possibility of rotating between projects and gaining experience quickly and across multiple countries.

“Our company mindset is “be able to change — be ableneo”. With our 60 dedicated experts we can make any transformation successful. ” Pavel reflects.

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