Agile @ ableneo — October reading

Agile @ ableneo —October reading

I’ll try not to scare you with some reading recommendations…

Photo by Miguel Teirlinck on Unsplash
  1. Zombie Scrum — as mentioned in our August digest, Christiaan Verwijs & colleagues are responsible for this half-silly, half-serious framework/guide. The fun stops with the name, though, and by the time you try to assess your team’s or organization’s state of Scrum, you are dead serious (pun intended ;) Well worth the time invested. Don’t just read it, try it!
  2. Spotify Model— there is (almost) no way you couldn’t hear about The Spotify Model. The CIO Model page provides both a good introduction and a good deep-dive, not omitting much needed criticism or lessons learned. Maybe a time to compare your notes/memories?
  3. The Rocket Model™— if you feel like exploring something deep and impactful, here is a suggestion. This eight parts Framework combines research and practical tools for working with teams, or rather with helping you transform groups of people into actual, well-working, and happy teams.

I’ll be grateful to hear a bit scary Scrum story.

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