ableneo radar update Q3

Ableneo radar update Q3 (2022)

In our projects, we try not just to deliver the required features but also to improve the way how we work — through constant updates of technologies we can provide:

  • better quality,
  • decrease the time of delivery for new features,
  • improve stability,
  • … and many more benefits.

And sometimes improving is not about discovering new libraries but also about retiring old libraries and replacing them with different ones. It could be hard to “synchronize” (us as developers or architects) across many clients.

Radar is an excellent tool that helps us share changes in technologies and be able to then spread them back to our clients.

Through this visualization, we also better understand how we deliver new features to our clients and quickly discover where are opportunities for improvement.

Therefore, once per quartal we get together to share our experiences, and here are some of the changes:

Redux and Redux saga is Retired — we start using state management libraries like Recoil, Jotai, and Zustand (they are in Adopt or Assess sector).

A Hybrid web application could be a “quick win approach” how easily create web applications and native mobile applications from a single codebase. That is why start exploring Ionic and React Native (Assess).

Vue has started to be more requested by our clients, therefore we invest time to explore this framework (Assess sector).

Monorepos can definitely handle some problems like sharing code among frontend and backend, faster and stable builds, unifying code standards, … (and many more!) more effectively — NX and Turborepos are well know monorepos build systems and they appear in our radar in the trail.

Last but not least — we continue to improve our knowledge of Software Craftmanship: SOLID / Pair Programming / Clean code is already Adopted and methodologies like TDD or BDD are currently in Trial.

Tools can dramatically improve our work — Zeplin and Figma are great tools that we recommend using, so you can find them on our radar in Assess and Adopt sectors.

Trends in design change and we believe that with libraries like Ant Design (Adopt), Material UI (Trial), or Theme UI (Assess) we can address those changes with minimal effort.

Our Frontend Radar — feel free to visit.

If the technologies or framework of your project changed differently, please leave us a comment.

What are the sectors on our radar?

  • Retire: Technology has been used on some of our projects, we have experience with it, but we stopped using it for new projects
  • Assess: We discover new technology and we consider it interesting and useful for our projects. We will explore technology in the future.
  • Trial: Technology from Assess sector, now used on some of our projects.
  • Adopt: Technology we consider very useful and is used in our projects.

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