Numbers with a Heart: Exploring ableneo’s H1 2023 Journey in 5 Meaningful Stats

Even though numbers are important in the successful operations of an organization, they have never been the main measurement of success at ableneo. Nevertheless, 2023 is a year full of numbers, with one of the most exciting being number 10 — representing the amount of time ableneo has been in business.

Usually, we are very self-critical and don’t really pay enough focus on celebrating achievements and success. That’s why I have decided to write this blog post, to celebrate not only the great first half of the year 2023 but also to celebrate ableneo as a group of great people with big hearts, energy to always try new things, and the never-ending willingness to create a real impact.

We have gone through great and tough times, and I am very happy that the last 6 months of this year belong to the great ones, if not the best ones. And since we are speaking of numbers, here are 5 numbers describing our last 6 months in the best way:

2 new leadership team members: Success does not happen without a cause, and I am absolutely convinced that one of the main causes for our success in 2023 is the leadership team. This year, we decided to increase focus and professionalize our 3 main value streams — workforce, consulting, and product development — and give each of those a leader responsible for both operational and strategic development of the stream. Although this decision was made only a couple of months ago, I can already say that it was a step in the right direction, and I am very grateful to have on board both Jaroslav Vojčík and Pavel Dvornák, who joined our team this year and took over the mentioned 3 value streams. The following numbers are proof that these gentlemen are in the right place.

2 new partnerships: Together is better, and partnerships have always played an important role in the strategy of ableneo. This year, we have entered 2 new partnerships with the clear goal to increase our value and bring revolutionary solutions for our customers. Please welcome our new partners:

  •, a US-based company, which enables any institution to offer simpler and superior identity and payments experiences through biometrics. The Wink platform brings facial and voice recognition-based multi-factor authentication and payments that can eliminate passwords, SMS/OTP, usernames, card numbers, and other older technologies that are memory or device-based. The relationship with Wink evolved from a customer to a partner, and our goal is to bring this solution to the EU market.
  • Kognitos, another US-based company, bringing the world’s first combination of Generative AI and Logical execution built to bring the power of AI to all enterprises. Choosing Kognitos as a partner was a logical step when we have been searching for an existing solution for process automation using AI. The first successful projects in the CEE region prove that it was the right decision.

5 new customers: The 5 new customers we have been able to win in the last 6 months are the best proof of the leadership team and partnership performance. Even more exciting than the number of new customers is their segmentation. In this period, we have been able to win new US-based startups, but also new manufacturing customers from the CEE region. Both segments are in strategic focus for ableneo and its further growth; therefore, I am super proud that we are not only discussing but also executing our strategy.

21 innovation enablers: These are individuals who joined ableneo as a result of our growing projects and customer demands in the last 6 months. With approximately 70 team members in total, not only the size of the team grew significantly, but also the variety of competencies. Additionally, to engineering roles, we’ve extended our team with UX experts and business consulting professionals, who are helping with the professionalization of our key competencies mentioned before. It’s actually the first time that I did not have a chance yet to meet all of those in person.

36% growth: Last but not least, the turnover. I put this number consciously as the last one because I believe that if the focus and energy are invested in the previous points, this number will grow naturally. In 2023, we set ourselves an ambitious goal to reach 5 million in turnover. At this point, I can say that we have a pretty good chance to reach it.

Sometimes, it’s good to put your thoughts on paper to realize some things. And this is exactly why I have decided to write this article, to realize that even with all the failures, market situations, and constant changes, there are always tons of things that we can and should celebrate and be proud of. Going through my article, I can definitely say that I am super proud of our team, partners, and customers whom I can work with. For the near and far future, I wish all of us more moments that we can celebrate and be proud of, both in private and business life.

Enjoy the summer!

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